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360iFLY - The No.1 Fully Approved Drones Operator, Services and Drone Pilot Training Company in Cyprus

At 360iFly we know that clients share our belief that the safety of their employees, third parties and their assets are the highest priority. When it comes to using drones for aerial photography, videography, asset inspections, surveys, pilot training and more then we have GOOD NEWS for you. We assure you that our quality focused methods are not only safe but are the premier in Cyprus. 360iFly drone services are also more cost effective and quicker to implement than current aerial alternatives.

We are sure you will agree that this is GOOD NEWS?

Photo - Video
Aerial Photography and/or Videography using a combination of stable Drones and high resolution HD & 4K capable platforms to capture the images that you could only dream of. We will plan the shots with you, capture them and post process the results to your satisfaction. Achieve your dreams with 360iFly.

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Aerial Inspections of your assets using a combination of safe and stable Drones and high resolution HD and/or Thermal Imaging platforms with real time first person view to enable you to view any damage or defects and to zoom in on areas of interest. All data is captured, post processed and fully reported upon.

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Aerial Surveys using a combination of fast and accurate Drones with high definition HD and/or Multi Spectral imaging platforms with accurate GPS tagged positioning to enable us to provide you with a fully data point referenced plan of your land, site or project and an ability to reproduce the survey as you wish.

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Drone Academy
Have you ever wanted to experience piloting a remote operated aircraft (drone) or maybe you want to become a competent and licensed pilot?.We provide piloting experiences and training courses to match your requirements and ambitions whether its flying a recreational 'drone' or a professional one.

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Drone Laws and Rules Cyprus


What are the Laws and Rules for Flying Drones in Cyprus?

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In Cyprus the use of drones is regulated by laws and rules and such applicability is dependent upon which of the two drone categories the drone will be used. Open Category more commonly known as recreational use or Special Category known as commercial use. below are Frequently Asked Questions about the two categories, for further information on the laws and rules for drone flying in Cyprus please contact us.

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