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Drone Pilot Level 1
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Who is it suitable for?

If you want to fly your multi-rotor Drone in Cyprus, safely and legally and are starting out on the path to becoming a commercial Drone pilot then this course is right for you. 360iFly objective is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be able to competently and safely operate a Multi-Rotor drone < =25.0kg. We offer you the required education by way of the 360iFly Drone Academy Pilot Training scheme. This training course has been designed to enable you to meet the strict Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation Level 1 Commercial (Special category) Drone Pilot training requirements. Upon completion of the training you will be examined by a Civil Aviation appointed examiner and if successful may then apply to the Department of Civil Aviation for a Level 1 pilot license. The license may also possibly be used to prove your level of competence in other countries subject to verification by the local Civil Aviation Authority. NOTE: To fly commercially in Cyprus you must also have a Civil Aviation issued permit to operate or work for an already licensed drone operator.

rpa remote piloted aircraft we call julie also known as inspire1

Course Details 

This course is fully approved by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation and fully meets the regulatory requirements for Commercial (Special Category) Level 1 Multi-Rotor Drone Pilot.
The training is conducted in a series of modules which includes both theory and practical elements.
All training is delivered by Civil Aviation licensed drone instructors.
The Course is run over five days (including examinations), some students may require additional days.

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rpa remote piloted aircraft we call josh also known as phantom1

Module 1.0-4.0: Theoretical Knowledge

International & National Legislation, regulation and policies;
Airspace classes, Aeronautical charts;
Drone categories, Licensing, Drone registration;
Rule of the Air, Accident/Incident reporting
Flight Envelopes, Risak assessing;
Airworthiness, complexity and redundancy;
Human performance;
rpa remote piloted aircraft we call josh also known as phantom1

Module 5.0: Level 1 Specific Knowledge 

Principles of Flight;
Multi-Rotor compexity and redundancy;
Multi-Rotor core components, control modes;
Flight capabilities and performance;
Safety factors;
Loading and balancing;
Environmental considerations;
Planning, Operations and emergencies.

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Flight Skills 

Upon completion of the theoretical knowledge student pilots progress onto flight skills training.
During flight skills training pilots learn how to fly a level 1 type drone safely and under control at all times. The emphasis of the training is manual control with limited automated assistance.
Once ready pilots are recommended for a flight skills assessment.
A Civil Aviation appointed flight skills examiner conducts individual flight skills assessments of each student pilot.

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Still not sure?

We provide piloting experiences and training courses to match your requirements and ambitions whether its flying a recreational drone or a professional one. All of our training courses have been designed to enable you to meet the strict Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation safety regulations.Below are details of the 360iFly Drone Academy Recreational (Open Category) Drone User Course. To discuss this course or your specific experience/training requirements in detail then please contact us.

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