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Recreational Drone User Courses
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Who is it suitable for?

If you want to fly your multi-rotor Drone in Cyprus, safely and legally, for recreational use only, or are starting out on the path to becoming a commercial Drone pilot then this course is right for you. 360iFly objective is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be able to competently and safely operate a drone < =3.0kg. We offer you the required education by way of the 360iFly Drone Academy certificated Recreational (Open Category) Drone User programme. This training course has been designed to enable you to meet the strict Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation Drone user safety requirements. Upon completion you will receive a Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation approved Certificate of Achievement which may also be used to prove your level of competence in other countries subject to verification by the local Civil Aviation Authority.

rpa remote piloted aircraft we call julie also known as inspire1

Course Details 

This programme is fully endorsed and supported by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation and fully meets the regulatory requirements for Recreational (Open Category) Drone Users.
The certified programme is conducted in two parts, each part being a maximum of 4hrs. Upon completion each person will be awarded with a recognised certificate of achievement.

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rpa remote piloted aircraft we call josh also known as phantom1

Module 1.0: Knowledge 

Legislation, regulation and policies;
Air law: air classes, rules of the air, no fly zones, security & privacy;
Safety: equipment, flight safety and airmanship;
Weather: flying conditions and hazards;
Planning and flying: planning, pre-flight, flight and post-flight procedures; emergencies.

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rpa remote piloted aircraft we call josh also known as phantom1

Module 2.0: Flight Skills 

Drone familiarisation (setting up and checks);
Emergency procedures;
Pre and post flight actions;
Effects of controls;
Take-off and landing;
Hovering, straight and level flight, climbing, descending and turning;
Precautionary/emergency landings;
Navigation- planning and procedures;
Basic introduction to First Person View and Ground Control Systems.

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Own A Drone? 

If you already own a drone then why not bring it to the course and learn how to safely fly it.
If you don't own a Drone then take advantage of our Training and Drone packages. You will get to assemble and learn how to fly your new Drone on the course.
Alternatively learn to fly on one of our training drones.
Whichever option you choose you can rest assured that at the end of the course you will be a safe and competent recreational (open category) Drone user.

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Still not sure?

We provide piloting experiences and training courses to match your requirements and ambitions whether its flying a recreational drone or a professional one. All of our training courses have been designed to enable you to meet the strict Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation safety regulations.Below are details of the 360iFly Drone Academy Recreational (Open Category) Drone User Course. To discuss this course or your specific experience/training requirements in detail then please contact us.

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